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What to do when you strain your hamstring

it is a good time to give you an example of how we work at the sporting clubs. Through this article, you can get some ideas of what you need to do when you get strains (muscle tissue injury).

When you have one-sided neck pain, how would it influence other parts of your body?

When you have one-sided neck pain, how would it influence other parts of your body?? If you have neck pain on one side, you might be able to imagine that the flexibility and strength of your affected side could be worse than the other. However, do you think that your other parts of the body, such as the opposite shoulder or neck would remain healthy? I would like to introduce an interesting article with regards to this.

Is Your Low Back Pain Only from Low Back Itself?

When we have low back pain (LBP), we tend to focus on lower back only as the main cause. However, many muscles and other tissues are connected to pelvis and spines, so some of those muscles could contribute to the cause of your symptoms. I found one interesting article about this topic.

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